The Coup de 4 Irregular

Once the basic trompette techniques are second nature, variations in start position and subtle changes in style result in  unlimited rhythmic possibilities.

I have found the following works well for Mazurka and for playing some pieces in 6/8.

The problem I had with Mazurka was the short coup between 3 and 4. This coup can be done by modifying the normal coup de 4 but it is very difficult to smoothly play coups 3 and 4 using the base and joint of the thumb.

If the rhythm is started using the last position of the coup de 4 and the knob is pushed slightly further round, that gives the longer interval required.

The second coup is played with a downstroke of the thumb in the normal manner although the knob is further round than in the coup de 4.
The third coup is done as in the coup de 4 but the knob is pulled slightly further round.
The last stroke is then played with the 3rd and 4th fingers as in the 3rd coup of the coup de 4 and ends in the normal position for the 4th stroke of the coup de 4. As the previous coup was longer, the knob has a shorter travel .


In motion, it can be seen that the dotted rhythm of the mazurka falls quite naturally with this method. Think of a rectangle

Coup de 4            Coup de 3

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