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1982 J C Boudet Lute back.

This is a chance to own a hurdy-gurdy by possibly the best modern maker. Boudet's  instruments  have a well deserved reputation for the highest quality of materials and workmanship.

This D/G lute back was made in 1982, the same year that Boudet won the 1st prize des Métiers d"Art.

It is stamped "vielle détude " so was built less expensively. The pegbox is in walnut so doesn't match the keybox and the head is not the traditional design. the wheel is  maple laminates but is perfectly true . The wheel slot in the soundboard is wider than necessary.

When I acquired it, the previous owner had decided to sand off the varnish for some undisclosed reason. It has now been re-finished in my modern lacquer so has a silk sheen.

The axle system runs perfectly and tuning pegs have been replaced with "Peghed" geared tuners.

It is being sold with a "Gama" semi rigid case of the same period.

Price £1800.

Gourd bodied Hurdy-gurdies

For the last few years, I have been developing hurdy-gurdies based on using natural gourds for the bodies. This all began with a whim to build a hurdy-gourdy . I was immediately impressed by the tone, volume and projection of the first one and subsequent gurdies to the same design have proved that the concept is good.

Each instrument is unique as it must be designed around the shape of each gourd. This means that the build time is longer than that of my regular designs. I do have so much fun building them that I am not charging for the extra time involved .

I have 10 very happy customers around the world who own my "gourdies" and have found no problems with them.

The design of these is a bit radical admittedly but the instruments have proved to be light, stable and have none of the 'scratchiness' that small gurdies often have. The tone tends to be even right up the fingerboard with no key rattle problems.

This one has 3 drones, 2 chanters and trompette.Tuners are "Peghed" 4:1 gear ratio .Passive internal piezo pickup fitted.  Spruce soundboard and particularly pretty flamed maple for the keybox lid etc. Tuned D/G.
Price  £1315.