Peghed geared tuners . 

I was introduced to these tuners a year ago and was immediately impressed by the design. A 4:1 gear ratio peg with no external visible difference to a taper peg is quite an achievement.  The tuners are described in great detail <<<here>>  Further fitting information based on my experience can be found <<<here>>>.

When fitting the tuners to early design hurdy-gurdies where the pegs can all be the same length, the standard 9mm flamenco guitar tuner is  perfect. There were issues, however, when fitting them to the traditional carved head pegbox . The problem was that by design, pegs of different lengths are required if the buttons are to be an even height. 

Through discussions with Chuck Herin, ( the inventor of the pegs ), the design has been refined in order that a single peg size will cover all requirements.

3 hole peghed


Here can be seen the revised design. The string holes are drilled progressively larger and are 1.3, 1.5 & 2mm to accomodate the thicker drone strings. There is usually room in traditional lute bodied instrument peg boxes for the full length to be used for the chanterelles and this makes threading the strings easier as they can be fitted to the lowest hole which is more easily accessible.

The string post is made from aircraft grade aluminium so if a peg is too long for a particular fitting, the post can easily be sawn to length and touched up with matt black cellulose paint.

The button is now in solid ebony and has a more suitable design for hurdy-gurdy

The current stock is all right hand threaded in order that the buttons may "Tourne a Gauche". Some instruments are strung so some of the pegs need to turn the opposite way. I have fitted the same pegs and they work equally well in reverse. 


Examples of the Pegheds fitted to other designs of pegbox

EMS Henry 111 type

Artist model using all three lengths allowing a simple pegbox shape

Feature Pegheds Banjo machines Advantage
Overall length possible 58mm. 33mm The strings run  straighter to the peg.
String post length 24mm. 10.5mm. Better alignment of the string to the pegbox hole.
String post diameter 7.5mm. 5mm. Thicker post allows safe enlargement of the string hole.
Body diameter 9.2mm to 10.5mm
16mm Allows the peg to be fitted closer to the peg box side giving more finger clearance.

Weight  15gm per peg 35 gm each Using 6 pegs results in 120gm  ( 1/4lb ) less weight.
Fitting   1 Single drill & taper reamer  Multiple concentric drills Can be fitted at any angle easily.
Fitting   2 Simply glued in place Needs spanner access Restricted access in pegbox not a problem.
Appearance 1  Ebony buttons
Plastic & Chrome Traditional appearance
Appearance  2 Minimal wood removal Major machining Original pegbox left unaltered.
Tensioning Simple pressure control Screwdriver needed Instant loosening for string changes.

The price per peg is 25.00, + 9.00  P&P ( UK & Europe )   for a set of 6.

 Payment can be by cheque to my home address: 1 Shire Bank Cres. Fulwood Preston PR2 9QE Lancs.

  or Paypal ( add 5% ) to

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