Hello and welcome to my pages.

I have been making and playing stringed instruments for over thirty years, having learned the basic skills required as a shipwright in the Royal Navy.

Since leaving the Navy, I have worked with Roger Bucknall at Fylde Guitars and now specialise in the hurdy gurdy and early stringed instruments commissioned by Northern Renaissance Instruments of Manchester.

My instruments are played by many folk bands , notably Shave the Monkey who have recorded my hurdy gurdies and double neck mandolin/bouzuki on many of their excellent cds.

My aim is to provide instruments of the highest quality that are custom built to suit the many requirements of the modern player within a reasonable time period (my waiting list is currently nine months).

I am confident that my instruments will give many years of pleasure and undertake to make good, without time limit to the original owner, any faults due to faulty workmanship or materials.



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