Neil Brook Hurdy-gurdy Construction.
As more and more devices are no longer fitted with a dvd drive, and my copies are only in PAL format for Europe, I've now loaded them onto YouTube for direct streaming.
Streaming works very well but there is no facility to select chapters so in the lists below are the time codes and descriptions of the chapters.

Access to the streams is made on receipt of 15 to my PayPal account ( ) and then I will supply the access link to both volumes.

                               Volume 1.                                                                                                         Volume 2       

1. Plans, Patron, Mould making. Selection, preparation & thicknessing of back &   sides.
1. Keybox design, cutting & sizing. Pegbox, keybox joint. Veneer work, Keybox lid & hinges.
2. Side bending, gluing the sides.
2. Bridges. Tailpiece joint. Varnishing.
3. Back-linings, jointing & struts. Joining back & sides. Top camber & soundboard struts
3. Design & construction of Knob & strap buttons.
4. Wheel & axle design, drilling for the axle. Wheel turning and rim fitting.
4. Making keys & tangents.
5. Soundboard preparation, imparting camber, wheel profile & bevel, wheel fitting.
5.Positioning & gliung bridges.Fitting strings. Making & fitting the chien.
6. Soundboard gluing, " Barber pole" purfling.
 58.38 6. Final setting up & basic playing techniques.