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G/C Hurdy-gurdy Tutor dvd.

Over 90 minutes long, This dvd sets out to demonstrate the basic skills needed to play the instrument.

It is split up into the following  sections which deal with each of the common rhythms and has a few simple tunes for each along with close up analysis of fingering patterns and the trompette.

1. Tuning the instrument

2. Coup de Trois ( The Keel Row, Muneira da Ruada )

3. Coup de Deux  (  La Volta, Morisco ))

4. Coup de Quatre   (Frere Jacques, The Horses Brawle, Bransle de L'Officiale )

5. Trompette in close up player's view detail of coup de quatre + irregular coup 4.

6. Playing in minor keys / ornaments and vibrato ( Fortune my Foe )

 The music for the tunes is written on the insert sleeve

A video clip from the dvd can be seen <<< Here>>>

It is available in PAL format only

The dvd is available from me for 20 plus 1.50 UK p&p.

  Payment to UK addresses by Paypal   22.50 to nwbrook@gmail.com  
International orders can use Paypal    23.22 to  nwbrook@gmail.com
The dvd content can be accessessed via YouTube. Click <<<here>>>for details.