Hurdy-gurdy maintenance DVD.

The long awaited maintenance dvd is now finished and should be a useful resource for anyone wanting to better understand the way the instrument works and how to get the best sound from it.

The dvd is split into26 chapters and runs for over 90 minutes. The chapter headings are : 

1.      Introduction.

2.      Preparing a scraper blade.

3.      Wheel scraping.

4.      Initial rosin application. Rim polishing.

5.      String selection, D/G chanterelles.

6.      String selection, G/C chanterelles.

7.      Attaching chanterelles.

8.      Preparing & cottoning strings.

9.      Playing in tune / Nut position.

10.  Tangents / intonation.

11.  Tuning tangents G/C hurdy-gurdy.

12.  Tuning tangents D/G hurdy-gurdy.

13.  Loose tangents.

14.  Broken tangents.

15.  Maintaining good tuning and intonation.

16.  Muting the trompette and chanterelles.

17.  Key maintenance.

18.  The trompette string.

19.  The chien.

20.  Drone string selection and set up.

21.  Repairing drone strings.

22.  The mouche.

23.  Sympathetic strings.

24.  Taper peg tuning and fitting.

25.  Straps.

26.  Cleaning.

Each section has a title page for ease of navigation and the start menu has the option of selecting any chapter.

The dvd is available in NTSC and PAL format  

Price 20 + 1.50 UK p&p.  by cheque please to
Neil Brook
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