Baroni  Model

The standard model has 2 chanterelles, 3 drones and one trompette. The instrument pictured below has optional extras.

Click here for a video demonstration


The Baroni model is so named because it is built after the engraving by Jacques Callot (1622). The picture shows a hurdy-gurdy player accompanied by a flag bearer with the words " Capitano de Baroni " on.

The engraving is shown above together with a photo of the instrument in the same playing position. It is a very comfortable way to play the hurdy-gurdy and is particularly suitable for walking through crowds etc This playing position is only possible due to the shaping of the lower bout which allows straps to be attached in a different way to the normal :

The normal waist strap button is here fitted with a shoulder strap and the waist strap is fitted to the button which would normally fit a shoulder strap. The result is a very comfortable and stable position for playing  


Detail showing soundboard curvature

The keybox lid is carved with the soundhole design either side of a rose. Two trompettes are fitted, one in g and the other in c/d.
The keybox width allows 3 chanterelles to be fitted. In this case, they are two at unison g and one at G an octave down The tuning pegs are externally identical to standard taper pegs but are actually 4:1 ratio geared for effortless and quick tuning.


A demonstration of this instrument can be seen at

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