Artist  Model

The Artist model has all the features of the modern hurdy-gurdy Two chanterelles, three drones and a trompette. It is fitted with a passive  internal pickup which outputs a mix of all strings biased towards the chanterelles. The volume of drones and trompette can be raised using equalisation on the connected amplifier . 

The Artist model is now fitted with "Pegheds" tuners which have all the advantages of geared banjo machines but maintain the appearance of taper pegs.

The model is built with Maple body, Spruce soundboard and Ebony for keys etc. It is normally set up to play in D/G tuning.

The instrument above is fitted with remote disconnectors for 2x bourdons and 2x chanterelles. These are available as extras.

 Purfling round the soundboard edge is there for acoustic reasons, it can be done in the traditional ebony/bone design as an extra..

While the low price of the instrument makes it an ideal starter instrument, it should be borne in mind that this is not a quiet hurdy-gurdy and certainly has the power to play outdoors. 

This Artist model has additional features . Sympathetic strings, remote selectors for chanterelles and bourdons. Any  shade of colour can be applied in the finish - subject to my approval!!

Below is a similar instrument  - note the violin shape soundholes.



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