The Wren, design & construction.

Having finally announced my retirement, my Wren model is sadly no longer available to order.

The instrument has proved very popular and successful so I've decided to reveal the design philosophy and my method of construction in an ebook.

The book has 54 pages packed with detailed information on how to build and set up a Wren model. There are around 200 photos in there which will stand enlargement to further explain the text.

 Navigation is simple because each page deals with a particular aspect of the build in the correct order and the index page links to the relevant book page.

The information contained is also relevant to traditional hurdy-gurdy.

Priced at a reasonable 50p per page, it comes to 27 which can be sent to my Paypal account

( ).

I will then send a link to my dropbox to make it available for download.

Wren Title Page