The Wonderstring

(First chanterelle synthetic string)

Finally,after years of experimenting , I have discovered what I consider to be easily the best synthetic string for use as a first chanterelle in D/G tuning.

The string has the following benefits over the traditional 28 thou gut string :

1. Although the diameter is the same, the string is under less tension making cottoning easier.

2. The string surface is textured which again holds cotton better and the blue or black  colour makes it easy to see the cotton condition.

3. The tough outer covering resists wear at the nut, wheel and bridge far better.

4. "Warbling " tone at the highest notes is much less evident, vibrato and "bending" is easier.

5. The overall tone is warm and even -volume slightly less than gut but still brilliant.

6. No wear has been noticed after several weeks of regular playing.

7. Once settled down, tuning seems unaffected by humidity.

8. They cost a lot less and are ready to string having a brass ferrule tied on.

The strings are normally supplied at 55 cm, if you need a longer string for tekero or similar, please tell me when ordering.

Price 3.00 inc of UK p&p


Savarez drone strings

Savarez have developed a range of perlon cored, silver wound strings specifically for  hurdy-gurdy.  They can be obtained direct from Savarez in France  subject to a 100€ minimum order.

I have tried the range of strings and consider them  to have  almost the same properties as gut core strings without the  problems of keeping them in tune as the perlon core is not affected by humidity.

They are a very generous 122cm in length which can mean you may get 2 drones from each string .

The strings I stock are built to play the following pitches ( assuming a standard sounding string length of approximately 40 cm )

While these strings perform well using standard cotton, They work better in my opinion when wrapped with the " Booray" synthetic cotton blend . Less wheel pressure is needed and the Booray lasts a lot longer.

Gros Bourdon    
( KFA 1850 )  
22 A good heavy string which sounds well at low C but will tune up to D where it may be too loud depending on the instrument.
  Gros Bourdon  
( KFA 1474 )   
A lighter low D should the above prove too loud.
Gros bourdon    
( KFA 1300 ) 
Low G
Petit Bourdon    
( KFA 934  )   
This will give a strong drone in G  at 40cm. It will suit a shorter sounding length.
Petit Bourdon      
  An average strength G from this one.
Petit bourdon     
( KFA 854 )  
A light G drone which will tune up to A nicely.
c /d     
Petit bourdon    
(KFA 530)  
An average strength c drone which will also tune up to give a strong d .
Petit bourdon      
( KFA 500)    
An average strength d drone which will tune down to give a light c .
Petit bourdon   
( KFA 484 )   
A light d drone which will tune up to give a good e .

The above prices are inclusive of UK p&p