The St. Thomas Altar Type.

St. Thomas Altar Hurdygurdy   The design of this model is drawn from the painting on the St. Thomas Altar in Cologne Cathedral which dates back to the beginning of the 16th C.

This instrument offers a compromise between the small " Bosch " model and the guitar bodied type of the 18th C.

The larger wheel and greater body volume result in a stronger sound while still retaining the characteristic tone of a flat soundboard instrument. It allows effective playing of the whole repertoire at an economic price.

Internally, this instrument has the same modern refinements found in all my Hurdy Gurdies: The tangents are held in place by machine screws tensioned with spring washers which results in effortless adjustment in all humidities.


The model shown above is the basic design. It has since been refined to have a curved soundboard and the instrument below has this feature plus "peghed" tuners , carving, border decoration and a deep brown stain finish for a more "early" appearance.
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