Robin Model

Robin 1


The Robin model is essentially the same design as the very successful Wren model. The major difference is that where the Wren uses the full length of a violin string, the Robin has been designed to use the full length of a viola string.

This extends the sounding string length from the traditional 345 mm to 435mm. The increase in length is not so extreme as some of the alto models and feels quite natural to play.

The major advantage of the design is that there is room at the high end for an extra 6 keys which allow the playing of two octaves ( less one semitone) from the third natural key position so a G/C robin will play 2 octaves in key C, D/G will play them in key G. If the chanters are tuned to D,one octave down from normal Bourbonnais tuning, the pitch at the G key is the same as an octave tuned G/C gurdy so both tunings can be played over their full range.

The extended length gives a longer distance between the normal second octave and the bridge so making the high notes much more stable.

The addition of the extra keys opens up more opportunities for playing in other keys so I have devised a sliding capo for trompette and petit bourdon which has the ability to raise the pitches by 5 tones. there are magnets at the correct intervals to locate the slider . These are available as an option as are the more usual single note capos.

It is possible to capo the chanters (typically to the d on a g/c or the g on a d/g. This one has the capo fitted to the g key on a D/G instrument. On a G/C, the capo would be one tone higher for the note d.

This example also has the optional remote disconnectors for bourdons and chanterelles. Also a Fishman active preamp/tuner for the built in Piezo.

A demonstration of this Robin in D/G can be seen <<<here>>>

Also a demo of another one in G/C   <<<here>>>

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